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Live and Frozen Bait

Shrimp is our #1 live bait.  We also carry Pinfish, Grunts and Frozen Bait.

Live brown bait shrimp swimming around in water in a bait bucket..jpg

Live Shrimp

Our Shrimp are delivered daily, 7 days per week.  Live shrimp are the best live bait for our area for both inshore and offshore fishing.  Every local fish species will go after shrimp.

We sell them in three sizes:

Regular   $4.00/Dozen

Hand Picked  $4.75/Dozen

Select  $5.25/Dozen

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Fiddler Crabs

When available we carry Fiddler Crabs, these are great for Sheepshead, Black Drum or Pompano.


 The pinfish, Lagodon rhomboides, is a saltwater fish of the Sparidae family, the breams a

Pinfish and Grunts

Pinfish and Grunts are another excellent live bait for all local fish species.  Whether used live or cut up, they are irresistable to Redfish, Snook, Tarpon, Trout or offhsore for Grouper and Snapper.

Pinfish/Grunts  $8.00/Dozen



Although we mostly stock bait for saltwater, we do carry Canadian Nightcrawlers for the local freshwater ponds and lakes or even for your garden.

Pack of 18 -  $4.49


Frozen Bait

We carry Baitmaster's frozen bait and have the following in stock when available:

Frozen Shrimp

Whole and Cut Squid


Cigar Minnows

Finger Mullet, Silver Mullet, Black Mullet

Menhaden Shad


Thread Herring

Pig's Feet (special order)

Frozen Chum

Ballyhoo (Rigged and Unrigged)


Blue Crabs

Sand Fleas

Menhaden Oil

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