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Fishing Spots

Fishing the causeway to the beach is usually good for all inshore fish, if you like to wade fish, the grass flats surrounding the park are also great areas for trout, redfish and snook.

Howard Park Beach Island Tarpon Springs Florida.jpg

Anclote River

If you're a kayak fisherman or have a boat then the river is great for year round fishing.  Fish structures like docks, pilings or mangroves for redfish and snook.

Boats cruising the Anclote River, Tarpon Springs, Florida  with the Gulf of Mexico in the

Inshore Fishing

Fishing the grass flats throughout the area is good year round, spotted sea trout hide out on the flats.  Fishing near shore like docks, mangroves, oyster beds and structures have all the local inshore fish.

Clear water and sea grass meet on a shallow underwater flat in Belize.  Sea grass provides

The Anclote fishing pier located in Anclote Gulf Park is good for year round fishing but especially good in the winter months.  The water temp is usually higher due to the power plant outfall.  The fish like it and you can catch pomplano, jacks, cobia and even an occasional bonefish.


Located about 3 miles west of the mouth of the Anclote River, Anclote Key has grass flats, beaches, and mangroves that all of the inshore species hang around.  You'll need a boat to get to the island.


OffShore Fishing

Fishing offshore in the Gulf of Mexico offers endless opportunities.  Fishing around reefs, wrecks, structures, holes and rocks can lead to grouper, snapper, hogfish ,grunts and many more species.  

Gag grouper (isolated).jpg
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